Luxe Foam Ball Pit + 200 Balls


Australia's #1 Leading Foam Ball Pit

Stuck at home with your little bub and have nothing to do? Well here at Bubs 'n' Bits, we have a way to bring the fun indoors with your very own Foam Ball Pit.

This is the perfect way to keep yourself & your little bub entertained for hours!

The Baby Ball Pit is not only a fun way to play, but it helps children's hand-eye coordination skills & boosts their agility & strength.

Foam Ball Pit Sale - Having Fun

Why Your Little Bub Will Love It!

✓ Brings the Fun Indoors

✓ Playful colours to enjoy

✓ Soft foam for comfort

✓ Brings the laughter into your family home

Why Australian Parents are buying the Luxe Foam Ball Pit?

Enhances strength and agility

This ball pit helps with the development of fine motor skills and keeps your little one moving which increases agility skills.

Encourages creative and safe play

The soft & flexible foam creates a safe environment for your little one to explore and move around in.

Increases imaginative skills and colour recognition.

The colourful balls added, encourages imaginative play and visually enhance colour recognition.

We recommend filling it with 400-600 ocean balls.

Machine washable cover.

The foam ball pit is covered by a washable material that can be easily removed to allow for cleaning. Simply unzip and remove the cover from the foam.


  • Size: 30cm Height x 90cm Diameter

  • Material: Thick Foam | Removable Cotton cover

Please Note

The Luxe Foam Ball Pit will initially be distorted due to packaging and delivery, For first-time use, please allow up to 24 hours for the ball pit to regain shape. We recommend setting it up and leaving it out overnight before using it.

We recommend that children are supervised at all times while playing in the ball pit.

200 balls are included.

We recommend filling it with 400-600 ocean balls.

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