Bubs 'n' Bits

2in1 Changing Bed Bag

$94.99 $215

Australia's #1 Leading 2in1 Changing Bed Bag

Nothing is more important than having a safe & sanitary place to change your little bub and finding a place like this can be very difficult at times.

That is where Bubs 'n' Bits has the perfect product for you.

The 2in1 Changing Bed Bag provides a safe & clean place for your baby. The bag has a built in changing bed which can be set up for your little one in seconds. Giving you a private, clean and controlled place to change your little bub. 

Why Your Little Bub Will Love It!

Portable & adjustable

Clean & sanitary

Spacious to help store all essential items

✓ Includes a comfortable and washable mattress

Travel Friendly


Why You Need This Bag

✓ Perfect for new mums

✓ Free & Fast delivery Australia wide

✓ Satisfaction guarantee

✓ Always have a safe and sanitary place when changing

✓ Set up the changing bed in seconds.

Why Over 10,000 Australian Mothers Love This Bag!

Large Capacity

With over 10 different pockets and compartments, this bag has enough room to store all of your little bubs essentials. Such as bottles, clothes, towels, underwear and diapers.

 Water Resistant

This 2in1 Changing Bed Bag is lined with water resistant material to help ensure it is travel ready. Bring this bag wherever you go. Easily wipe away any spills or raindrops.

Light and Comfy

This bag is designed to be mummy friendly. It's not only light, but it is also comfortable to carry. With added cushioning to the back of the bag, to help take pressure away from your back.

Thermal Pockets

The 3 insulated thermal pockets are positioned in the front of the 2in1 Changing Bed Bag, perfect for storing your feeding bottles.

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