200 Balls for Luxe Foam Ball Pit


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The Best Balls for your Foam Ball Pit

Fill your babies' world with colour and fun with 200 balls for their Luxe Foam Ball Pit. These brilliant, eye-catching balls will provide endless hours of entertainment for your little one and keep them occupied for days! Perfect for baby ball pits, and guaranteed to liven up any playroom. Let the ball pit party begin!


Four our Luxe Foam Ball Pits, we recommend filling with 400-600 ocean balls.

Ball Colours

 Pastel Assorted

Our most popular choice! These colourful but neutral-toned balls go with any of our ball pits. This is a perfect option for any child.


Rainbow Mix

The classic colours that everyone thinks of when they hear the words "Ball Pit". These original styled ball pit colours are bright & vibrant. They are amazing at keeping your little one entertained and is a perfection option to teach them about colours.

Vintage Mix

These modern, sleek & elegant coloured balls will go with any home. The colours are subtle and can transform any playroom or nursery. This is a great option if you want to show off your little ones luxurious ball pit to family and friends. 

Ocean Blue Mix

The Ocean Blue Mix goes hand in hand with our blue ball pits. They match perfectly and is a very popular option with our Blue Luxe Foam Ball Pits.

Pink Macaroon Mix

Like the Blue Mix, the Pink Macaroon Mix is a perfect combination for our Pink Ball pits. The colours go together very nicely. The pink also matches very well paired with our Grey Ball Pits. 


Pearl Mix (Limited Edition)

Our new & limited edition Pearl Mix is a stunning option that goes well with all of our Ball Pits. With warm &  pretty colours, this is the perfect option if you want to keep your playroom elegant & sweet.

White Mix (Limited Edition)

Our White Mix matches perfectly with our White Luxe Foam Ball Pits. These new & limited balls bring a simple yet modern feel to your ball pits.

Pink Vintage Mix (Limited Edition)

We have heard you! Our most requested colour combination is finally here! 


Diameter: 5.5cm

High-quality plastic, non-toxic, no smell


Please Note

The Luxe Foam Ball Pit will initially be distorted due to packaging and delivery, For first time use, please allow up to 24 hours for the ball pit to regain shape. We recommend setting it up and leaving it out overnight before using it.

We recommend that children are supervised at all times while playing in the ball pit.

200 balls are included.

We recommend filling with 400-600 ocean balls.

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